Friday, December 14, 2012

Same tune, Another Season

Sung to the tune of "Christmas is Coming and the Goose is Getting Fat" with apologies to the English, and every one who loves this beautiful melody.
Originally Published in December of 2009, but ever true.
Christmas is coming and I am getting fat,
But I'll eat another cookie, cuz I can deal with that!
If I drink a little eggnog, I'll never feel blue,
Munch Candy Bars,
A Bowl of Nuts,
A Popcorn Ball or Two!
It's time for making merry, and food is everywhere,
I'll wait till January, before I start to care.
With parties in the evening, and feasting every day.
I've thrown away the scale, so jolly I will stay!
Things are cookin' in GriggsDakota!

1 comment:

  1. you make me laugh and cry with your posts...I found your blog from the pinke post tonight and I really should go to bed for I have little ones who will be up before the sun...Thanks for the frank perspective..I drank a Santa mug full of eggnog tonight while I was looking up information on a personal trainer..then remembered I would not drive that far in town to work I refrained from a second helping.