Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rain in December

 It rained this morning and that doesn't happen every December in GriggsDakota.
But we will happily enjoy this weather any day it wants to show itself this time of year. 
I have learned that around here no one frets about drought in the Winter. The common logic is that winter snow doesn't do much to help with that. It is true that most of the melting snow and ice runs off and I try never to argue with conventional wisdom. Even when I don't fully agree, I don't bring up the fact that many waterholes and sloughs could use a fill.
It felt like March after the clouds rolled away with a wind whipping around and a Spring like freshness in the air.
There was too much mud for me to venture very far off the beaten path. 
 So I enjoyed the beaten path and a few hours of relatively warm sunshine.
In December, in GriggsDakota where we expect snow and ice to return in a moment or two.

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