Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bringing in the Christmas Tree

It's time to bring the Christmas tree into the house. We put up a fresh tree and we want it smelling fresh for Christmas. I let the tree seller pick out the tree. He had time for special attention to detail as Farmer Fred and I were his only customers on that pleasant December afternoon. It looks perfect and he was very proud of our tree.
First, Farmer Fred saws an inch off the bottom of the tree trunk with the saw that we bought to use on our first Christmas tree when we were college students. The price tag is still stuck to it, $4.23 and made in usa. It was a long time ago. 
The tree stand that we use is relatively new and a good one. My flash conceals that it is made in Waconia, Minnesota. 
It is sturdy and holds big trees securely. 
Although it is fully assembled, it takes some doing to get the tree into the stand and the wing nuts securely tightened. It is a two person job, which is much more fun anyway. The man that ran the tree stand, also from Minnesota, told me to mix a drop of bleach with a gallon of hot water and a can of 7-Up to start the tree, then water it every day keeping the base in water all the time.  I understand that Myth Busters have proven that nothing does a better job of keeping a Christmas tree fresh than water. I, however, followed the advice of the Minnesota tree seller.
Around the corner and up the steps Farmer Fred brings the tree to the house. 
 The stand is in place. Funny how much bigger the tree always looks inside. The porch is cooler than the house and helps to keep the tree fresh.
The tree will stand in the center of the pan braced by the curved steel between the trunk and the inside edge of the pan. It is secured by tightening wing nuts on the threaded rods.
It takes some patience, but Farmer Fred is an old pro. Now we need lights, decorations, and Christmas in GriggsDakota.


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    1. Anne,
      Thanks so much for letting us know that you noticed! How often do you have snow at Christmas?
      Merry Christmas.