Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase

 I hadn't been to a show in many years, so we attended the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase in Grand Forks over the weekend. There are more showcases coming up. Follow the link to find out where.
The price of admission is $2.00, but if you bring your own shopping bag, it cuts the price in half. I was shopping for a variety of gifts to put in gift bags for a fund raiser, so I wanted the blue bags we received with our tickets.
I spent lots of time looking, which was fun. I was shopping for items that would go together well and my first purchase was this candle. What makes it unique is that the wick travels round and round and burns the wax completely. They are made nearby and I had read about them in a farm paper. 
To add to this bag I purchased a snowman made from a birch branch 
And a pair a mittens made from recycled sweaters. 
A winter assortment that I hope someone will want to bid on at a local silent auction. 
We came across a book of Christmas Music that has a North Dakota composer/arranger. My piano playing grandson needs this. 
For my second bag, I decided to stick with food products and there is quite an assortment to choose from. Above are Honey Ice Cream Topping, Seasoning, Coleslaw Dressing, Soup and Dip Mixes. There is also various jellies, syrups, sauces, wine, nuts, snacks, flax products, coffee, books and more.
There was also unique pottery and art. It all has a North Dakota flavor with local ingredients and scenes. Pride of Dakota requires a membership and includes the opportunity to show at these events. It is run through the Department of Agriculture in North Dakota in Bismarck. 
The Holiday Showcase was a nice escape on a snowy day in GriggsDakota.

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