Thursday, November 1, 2012

Open Water=Geese in GriggsDakota

The geese and I have a few things in common. Number one is that we both like open, not frozen, water in the lakes, sloughs, and rivers of GriggsDakota. 
I like the orderly way in which they fly, even for short distances. Perhaps they do not reach perfect 
V-formation, but they look graceful and beautiful. 
I have often wished I could fly. Canada geese cruise alongside my pickup sometimes at 35 miles per hour. Of course, if I could fly I would need a closely fitted down coat since I don't have feathers of my own. 
It's been cold here, and the geese work together to keep the lake open overnight, swimming around so it can't freeze. These honkers have been hunted and my presence makes them nervous.
The geese seem to take turns flying away to eat on the coldest mornings. Since all the crops are harvested, they are welcome to scavenge what is left in the fields. They enjoy the corn stubble and barley ground.
 The local Canada geese will not go South until the water is frozen over.
That is when the quiet of Winter will settle in to GriggsDakota.

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