Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Green

The green in GriggsDakota has given up, except for the spruce trees in the yard.  
I take a trip to a nearby shelter belt to gather a few more touches of green that signal the holiday season. 
Butler, my faithful companion, comes along and finds the tracks and trails of wild animals. 
I choose and gather greenery. 
He races all over the field. 
He is happy to hop into the pickup and ride home with the gathered branches. 
The first thing is make an arrangement in my stone henge. It is the first season for this decoration. 
 The henge began the year as a worn out chimney. It had fallen off a long gone building. 
 It took a long time to convince Farmer Fred that we needed this beauty, but of course, we do need it.
 Eventually it traveled on the loader to our front yard.
Where it stands tall and stoic, just like the rest of us. 
Fresh and pungent, the pine is delightful, and reminds me of this season, full of promise and gifts. 
There is just enough green to get us through the year, I hope. 
As I hung our old favorite sign, I remembered that our cutter sleigh has gone to the museum. I hope that I always remember the sound of brass sleigh bells as our horse pulled our one horse, two seated, open sleigh. 
 We will have to make do with snowmobiles from now on, I guess. 
Happy December in GriggsDakota.

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