Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hauling Soybeans on a Winter Day

Experience tells us that we have begun traveling down the long road of Winter. 
The winter road in GriggsDakota often has a truck on it. 
Today the road looks like a frozen muddy river. 
Today is also the day that Asgrow is hauling out seed soybeans. We raise seed soybeans on contract.
It is cold up on this hill. 
 Temperatures in the single digits with a stiff wind feel especially bone chilling in November.
We say that our blood has thinned out, so the cold bites as the wind brings it by and we breathe it in.  
By February, a morning like this will feel warmer.  
These soybeans are on their way to becoming a 2013 crop on another farm. 
The custom haulers, contracted by Asgrow, have things well organized.  
The storm that hit North Dakota over the weekend left ice and snow covering everything. It is unusual to have such a thick coating of solid ice covering the gravel.
 We're hoping things will melt enough to clear. But, we don't expect all the snow to melt.
The trucks filled with seed soybeans are on the road leaving GriggsDakota.

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