Monday, November 19, 2012

Get Ready with Recipes

This is Thanksgiving week and I decided to link to some GriggsDakota recipes. However, the photos today are of the light and the sunset, because on these dark days I like to go out and look at it. 
Do you remember the post What is a Recipe?? For GriggsDakota it was the beginning of recipes. I haven't posted very many over the years. I always plan to do more, but forget to take photos when I am in the kitchen. Perhaps that will be a New Year's Resolution.
Thanksgiving Dinner will include Baked Corn and Bacon. I have discovered that if I take the time to cut fresh sweet corn off the cob, this recipe is even better.  
Another holiday favorite is Scandinavian Fruit Rolls, a modernized version of Julekake or Norwegian Christmas bread. I have often wondered what my grandmothers would think if they knew that I tampered with tradition. Iris, my only living connection to their generation, thinks these rolls are wonderful. 
There are more recipes in the blog which you can find by searching for recipes at the top of this page. Something is always cooking or baking this week in GriggsDakota.

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