Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Capitol of North Dakota in the Capital City of Bismarck

 If I were to sum up the traditional point of view of North Dakotans in one word it would be practical. That preference is certainly reflected in the building that serves as our Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota. Notice the nearby water tower. The original Capitol building burned and had to be removed. Learn more about history of the Capitol by following the link. The three black and white photos in this post were taken in 1940 by Farmer Fred's mother.
In truth this building was to be more ornate, but it was built in the 1930's and so it was built without the expense of decorative touches. Towering above the flat land, it is still impressive in the much larger city that Bismarck has become. 
I wonder if Fred's mom knew someone who worked in the building and was capturing a particular window. 
Today, the Capitol looks much the same, but the surrounding city has grown and modernized.
By the mid 1960's it served as a beacon above the bustle and so it remains. Farmer Fred's grandfather took this photo which was a tradition he followed each year while it was lit for Christmas. 

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