Friday, November 2, 2012

Beautiful November

 We appreciate November without snow.
 We have not been completely without snow, as the hay bales attest. 
This time of year we don't count snow unless it accumulates and stays. A few flakes are to be expected. Our average temperatures are expected to be in the forties with lows in the twenties now that it is November. 
The absence of snow has allowed us to continue field work. 
Farmer Fred has been breaking up some CRP acres.  
The soil maps indicate that this ground has the potential to be productive farm land, so we will farm it next year.  
 We are leaving the less productive area of the piece in CRP. Jake and Mike have been patiently lining bales as we prepare to haul them away.
Moving bales takes time. Each bale is lifted on the fork and carried to a row where it waits to be hauled to the yard where the cattle will be fed through the Winter. 
 The Ag Analyst (age 3) told me that the colors that you see outside now are boy colors. Tree branches, dirt, stubble fields, and hay are boy colors. Girls like flowers. I had to agree, at least about the flowers.
The sun has not shone much this week, although we did get a look at the full moon. I hope gray skies do not belong to the boys, but I haven't asked. 
Remember to set your clocks back to Standard Time on Saturday night. 
The Fall back time change is a sure sign of long dark nights in GriggsDakota.

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