Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wishek Disc Prepares Feast for Birds

It started with a few gulls who were nearby and hungry. 
Others gathered quickly as the tractor disced back and forth on the hills of GriggsDakota.
 To the gulls, a meal was being offered. That is a treat in late October. It is cold and getting colder. The harvest is done and there is much less to eat that there was last week.
Ring-billed gulls, the most common gull in North Dakota is an omnivore. They aren't too particular about their menu.  They nest around rivers, lakes and sloughs in our area. They were getting worms or other tasty morsels from the freshly turned sod.
The blackbirds are hungry, too, and willing to scratch and peck at what the disc turned up. They too are scavengers. Most will migrate to a warmer climate, but some will stay all Winter if they are able to find water and food.
Farmer Fred is using his new Wishek Disc to break up CRP ground. 
The day is gray, but the sloughs are dry despite the rains that have fallen recently. 
So, he is able to chop down some cattails and rushes that have established in previous wet years. 
 It's nice to see mud on the tires of our Case IH 305 tractor that pulls the 17 foot disc.
 The 305 has the right amount of power to roll through the tough sod. 
The gulls will migrate to a place where they can find water and food. They tend not to migrate too far and will likely stay in the region to our south where the water stays open and there are food sources. Then, with a built in compass, they will travel back to where they were hatched to nest next Spring.
 We hope to see them back in GriggsDakota.

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