Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome Back Cold Sunshine

It's cold outside, but we are happy to again enjoy a day of sunshine. 
There are still geese on the lake, but few ducks. The ducks are being watched by coyotes. On Wednesday a coyote chased one of our farm cats out from the tall grass by the lake onto the lawn in broad daylight. I happened to see it through the window. It was windy and I had loud music playing in the house. I watched as the coyote realized he had run out of tall grass, looked toward the house and slowly turned, walking back the way he came. My theory is that Mr. Coyote was hunting the ducks that hang out there.
 Despite the bright warm appearance of the photo, the temperature is cold in the mornings and the wind is sharp.
We are hoping that the wind will bring in warmer temperatures in a day or two. 
 The afternoon sunshine feels good if are in a sheltered spot.
Although, the cattle seem happy on the hill, noses down, filling up on greens while they can. 
Soon enough their diet will be hay and the green in GriggsDakota will be a memory.

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