Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky in GriggsDakota-How to become a Combo Pack

 Have you ever thought of becoming a Combo-Pack with your date for Halloween? Here's how you do it:  
First, decide that you would like to be Barbie.
Call you local appliance store and secure a refrigerator  box. 
Paint it appropriately.
 Draw, color, and apply authentic looking logos to the box.
If your date likes to dress up in Camo, he will be willing to go as GI Joe in the combo-pack. Barbie can hang out with nearly anyone. Ken has lots of competition for a place in this combo pack. GI Joe is easy to sell to YesSir Mike. These clothes are picked from his hunting closet. 
 Get everything just right. The bottom of the box is open, so that the combo can walk. A cellophane front of the box would make it more authentic, but much harder to climb in and out.
Prepare to be adored. 
GI Joe doesn't mind guard duty.
Happy Halloween from Ann and Mitt, 
Snow White and the Jingle-Jangle Cowgirl,
The Rock Star from the Seventies, 
The Rock Star from the Eighties, 
Their adoring Groupie,
Barbie and GI Joe, 
And the Dark Knight of GriggsDakota.

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