Monday, October 29, 2012

Power Lines are Being Built in GriggsDakota

There is change on the horizon, although it is still hard to see. 
On this side of the road there are cattle. 
 It is a typical Fall scene in GriggsDakota.
 Cattle with their noses to the ground enjoying the last that the season has to offer before freeze up.
 On this side of the road there along with the haybales are the parts necessary to build a gigantic power line.
 Farmers in our area will now and for a long time in the future, be farming around power lines.
This line is being built in the name of clean energy. 
 Minnkota Power has a site on the link that explains it. 
Minnesota needs clean energy, so they are building a line from Center to Grand Forks in North Dakota and eventually to Duluth, Minnesota. 
There are stockpiles of poles and supplies in the area. 
I have noticed several of these fantastic approaches built to access the area where they have poured cement footings into the ground  for a power pole. 
 Many poles are laid out near their cement base, which has been poured.
Next year this will turn into a power line. 
I believe Minnkota did their best to stay clear of farmsteads as they drew their plan across the prairie.  
I haven't heard much fuss about stray voltage which most often affects dairy cows. Improved quality lines and strict regulations have lessened this concern.
 There's lots of space out here. However, now the western part of North Dakota is growing so fast that we are facing energy shortages within our own borders.
 So, while its easy to feel good about clean energy, I want you to know, no energy is completely clean.
Someone, somewhere, is making a sacrifice. Life is a little less pristine here in GriggsDakota. We will deal with a new power line in order to bring clean energy to Minnesota.

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  1. We just fought a battle like that here in TX at our ranch...thank goodness we won and they are running the line next to the interstate, however, it is still ugly and it doesn't even benefit's going to Florida.