Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lining Bales in the Fog

 There are raindrops on my camera lens and that is delightful. Rain feels like a gift, or even a status symbol this year.
Of course, we didn't do anything to deserve or earn this moisture, so I guess it really can't be a symbol of status.  
But fog, rain, and mud are all welcome as we line hay and straw bales along the edge of the fields. 
I'm not sure what tore into this bale of straw, but I predict that a deer or varmint will enjoy a rest in it one day when there is less traffic on this field. 
When the hay is hauled to the yard and ready for Winter and quiet returns to these acres. 
A clear blue sky would make the photo more beautiful, but not the land. 
 And so we smile in the rain and will try not to dread the snow that will surely begin to fall in its stead.
It is a dreary day which is cause for celebration in GriggsDakota.

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  1. We can really sympathize here in Texas...So happy there is a glorious day there!