Monday, October 8, 2012

Back to the Snow-free Corn Field

The snow in the corn field melted and by Saturday we were harvesting once again.
By the end of the weekend, there were little reminders of the snow, but only in a few sheltered locations.
The corn is ready to combine. Some of the cobs are tipped down, which is common in ripe fields of corn. 
Many of the cobs are holding up, yet fully ripe. 
The corn we were harvesting is so tall that all of the cobs were high and easy for the combine to capture. 
 On Friday morning Butler found a skunk in a window well of the house. He barked, the skunk sprayed, Farmer Fred took care of things, but it was a stinky mess. I wish I owned stock in the baking soda and Febreeze companies. 

Robbie came in the house and I asked him if he could smell skunk. 
"No," he told me, "but I sure can smell Febreeze."
It was nice to have the corn harvest to focus on. 
 The sharp points of the combine's corn head separate the rows of corn and cut as it passes in the front of the combine.
The corn is dislodged from the cob and is transferred to the combine's hopper by a small auger. I take action shots through the glass of the cab. Dust on the glass is part of the picture.
 Again we are surprised at the crop we find in the fields. It is apparent how spotty the rain showers were this year. 
It is reflected in the yields. 
But, I think it is fair to say that this is a much better harvest than we expected. 
It's easy to forget that the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit  as I snap these photos through the glass. 
 There is no snow in the forecast for this week.
We hope to keep this crew rolling. 
The crisp Fall day has everyone smiling in GriggsDakota.
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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Couldn't be that I love combines and harvest, could it? We're so lucky to get to experience this segment of agriculture! Thanks for sharing.