Friday, September 21, 2012

The Corn Grew Tall

Farmer Fred wandered into the corn field to check things out. 
It was trying to rain, without much success, but it seemed to at least wash the air and settle the dust. Maybe it didn't settle all of the dust, but it helped for a few minutes. 
 The corn in this field is over 10 feet tall.
 The cobs are well formed, ripe and well distributed.
After the dry Summer that we have had, it is amazing. The kernels are not as large and probably not as heavy as they could have been with ample moisture. However, the fact that the cobs are full of kernels to the tip of the cob is remarkable.  
Except in areas where the deer have run through, the corn is standing up well. We are also pleased with the lack of weeds in the field.  
Although it is cool, we have not had a frost and there is not one forecast. When the soybeans are finished, the corn will be waiting. Dry corn in September is a bonus in GriggsDakota.

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