Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Slipping Away

When you live on the Great Plains, it is a linear world. The sun rises and sets on the land, with few obstructions. 
I grew up knowing that when the sun crosses the road, the season changes. This brought happiness in either direction. The coming of Fall brought Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Spring brought the end of school and Summer. Living in a place with four seasons is magical, although I know some would argue that our Winter is disproportionately long. It can be. It depends on the year.
 We will finish our harvest in Fall, I hope. There have been a few dreadful years where harvest has gone into Winter.
This year, a very dry growing season, has brought our crops to maturity quickly. Every season of farming is distinct. Recent years have been soggy.
 So the change of season does not feel threatening as I watch the sun set just north of the road. Next week the growing season is forecast to end with a killing frost. There are no crops that it will damage. They are all dried out.
We are harvesting beans as Summer is slipping away in GriggsDakota.

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