Thursday, September 27, 2012

Officially Soybeans

The soybeans have been harvested in perfect weather. This is not the usual scenario in GriggsDakota. We are infamous for our less than perfect weather. Click Here to see our 2009 soybean crop covered with October snow.
It seems as if we are able to race from one field to the next. 
Our combines cut pieces and eat up the dry, leafless soybean plants. Looking back it seems that Summer passed quickly. There has been so little rain that we are glad and somewhat surprised to have a crop to harvest.
The harvested crop can be unloaded from the combine to the grain cart as the combine continues to cut the soybean plants and remove the beans from the pods. We call this "unloading on the go." It saves time which in a precious commodity during harvest.
It takes a steady hand and a keen eye to operate the grain cart. The combine driver keeps his header on the edge of the standing plants. The two machines are inches apart. When the combine hopper is empty, the driver turns off the unloading auger and folds it back as Jake pulls away with the grain cart to fill a truck. The truck transports the crop out of the field.
 I cannot recall a stretch of weather this dry. Our Fall days have been picture perfect.
As long as there is grain in the field we try not to think about rain. 
Farmers know this: The weather is whatever comes. 
 Today we are pleased to announce 
That except for a few little spills that we hope the deer will find, 
The soybean fields are empty. We officially have soybeans in the bins of GriggsDakota.

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