Monday, September 10, 2012

Leftover Cover Crop

 Last Fall on this ground we planted a Cover Crop. The link will take you back to that day and explain more about what a cover crop is and what it does. The cover crop freezes during our frigid winter and last Spring, we planted pinto beans in the field.
When Farmer Fred was combining those pinto beans last week, he noticed some growth that looked unusual near a slough in the field. From the combine it was difficult to tell what it was. 
So armed with a spade, he went to investigate. 
Farmer Fred found turnips, planted in our cover crop mix last Fall. 
 They had not frozen during our Winter or been grazed by wildlife.
To those of us who live in GriggsDakota, this is amazing.  
Even though our Winter was mild by our standards, it was freezing nearly every day for months and below zero on several occasions. 
These three turnips survived in this little spot with no assistance. Perhaps they benefitted from a snowdrift accumulating over them. Whatever the case, it was fun to find them still growing.
I don't expect the turnips to be delicious, but they got Farmer Fred's attention in GriggsDakota.

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