Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just a bit of Springtime

We set our combine sieves to allow fine kernels of barley to fall back to the ground as we harvest. Because of our dry Summer, we had a heavy regrowth after our early harvest. 
 I noticed a few weeks ago that the barley was heading. It seemed as if it may produce a second crop. 
The barley seems to want to start over.
"I wish I was 18, again. And going where I've never been, but old folks and old oaks standing tall, just pretend. I wish I was 18, again." (lyrics by Sonny Throckmorton)
 It has not rained since then, so although there are heads out in the field, they are the exception.
The barley field will not have another chance to produce this season.
Mostly there is just tired looking barley plants in the field. 
It has been good for the field to have the growth during our dusty season. Even if the barley had matured, it would have not been much good. The seed was rejected crop.
The growth is valuable, it has protected the land.
 The field is a breath of Spring in our Fall, if you don't look too closely.
There is the joy of a fresh start on a mature landscape.
The corn is waiting its turn for harvest nearby in GriggsDakota.

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