Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hay in the Yard Could Determine: "Are You In?"

 I'm a fan of the television show "Project Runway." It airs on the Lifetime network on Thursdays.
 It is in its tenth season, and I have watched most of the episodes over the years.
 It stars the beautiful Heidi Klum who each episode tells aspiring fashion designers,
"As you know, in fashion, one day you are in and the next day, you're out."
The contestants cringe or smile. I think that Heidi's statement about fashion is true in most areas of life. 
You are either in or you are out. 
We cringe. No one wants to be eliminated from the competition.
 Occasionally, a fashion designer will voluntarily quit the competition and go home without being eliminated.
Let me just say that the quitters were not in the running to be the Winner of Project Runway. 
The twists and turns that are placed before the contestants become unmanageable. 
The assigned project must be completed in an impossibly short amount of time. Such is life.
Michael Kors, who is responsible for one of the hottest companies on the planet, is a judge. The contestants stand before him and Nina Garcia, a trendy and harsh fashion magazine editor, plus Ms. Klum who is dressed impeccably, and a guest judge or two. Their completed assignment is critiqued. Someone wins and someone is eliminated until at the end of the season, one designer wins.
 Any creative person knows how difficult it is to be judged.
 And yet, the market judges every farmer and rancher every day.
One day you are in and the next day, disaster. Even the weather passes judgment.
There is CRP hay for sale in North Dakota. Cattleman Jim is on
The fashionistas in the pastures of GriggsDakota are hoping you hear the echo from Project Runway:
"Congratulations, you are in."

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