Friday, September 7, 2012

Giving Up Green

 In the morning, it is unmistakeable.
 We have traveled through the Wall of Fall.
The leaves are turning in GriggsDakota. 
It is partly  because it has been so dry through the Summer that the trees want to rest, I suppose. 
 But September brings the change of season and we always find it here earlier than the calendar indicates.
This is the season when I start to honor weeds with photographs. 
I'm not proud of that, unless I was dispensing advice about how to knock it out. 
Flowers, wild and garden varieties, are mostly spent, but weeds still provide color and a few blossoms. 
 The green will fade from the landscape.
 So I can't help but stop by the side of the road and honor the last green growing. This stray corn plant will freeze on a soon to dawn morning.
The soybean harvest will be on our agenda in another week. 
Temperatures, especially overnight lows, will fall with the season. 
I will miss the leaves. 
I will remember the subtle drops of color that were here for a Summer visit. 
I will even miss the structure and drama provided by a weed or two. 
I will close my eyes and try to remember a steamy morning in GriggsDakota when the water rippled in the wind. 
Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I think you all must be ahead of us. We really aren't green since we have had such a dry summer. Some of the pasture trees look stressed and hoping winter will bring relief and that we do not lose them. I will be ready for fall, but everything is already brown from lack of water... have had no green in months. But, I am ready for fall never the less!