Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today, 107 Years Old

A farm girl from the start, she has always carried the farm in her heart.
 I am certain she is among the oldest people living in North Dakota. 
Her name is Iris. Her favorite flower is the pansy. Pansies remind her of kitten faces. 
Iris is a graduate of the University of North Dakota.  
She spent her career first as a teacher. She became a children's librarian. Although she loved traveling, she lived her life in North Dakota, then Minnesota, and then back to North Dakota. 
She was the only daughter in her family to survive to adulthood. Two sisters did not survive their childhood. It caused her to be very close to her mother and fiercely loyal to her brothers.
 She appreciates those who marry into our family. I remember at the party celebrating her 100th birthday that she remarked at how fortunate she was to have such a wonderful family even though she never had children of her own. She went on to tell us that the ones who had joined the family by marriage had been a special blessing. We have been very lucky in that regard. 
Iris likes Winter as well as Summer. Most farm girls from North Dakota do.
 She has a quiet unshakable faith and after years of joining churches in the various towns in which she has lived, she is again a member of Sundahl Lutheran Church, probably among the oldest living Lutherans.
Where Iris fits in to the oldest living person category, we don't really know. She does not want attention for her long life. She has not gotten a letter from the President or been featured on television. She has no advice or words of wisdom for others who hope to duplicate her longevity. "It is the Lord's doing, not mine," Iris tells me. 
And so, today, we will quietly eat cake as we celebrate the 107th birthday of our dear
Iris Westman.


  1. It is an honor to meet you! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Iris! God bless you on your special day! A life lived with such a testimony to others - job well done! Blessings from Wisconsin.

  3. Happy Birthday to Iris! What a blessing and rich life!