Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Barn Continues

 The question is what to do about the old barn. We discussed that yesterday.
We decided to save it if we could.
 We called our favorite shingler who came to our rescue to save the barn.
We called Pinke Lumber who delivered supplies. 
The old shingles were removed. 
 New shingles were applied.
 The old hay mow of the barn, now a machine shed, was very well built.
The rafters were strong and heavy. 
Things were not rotted beyond repair. 
So repair began. 
Windows were delivered. 
The cupolas, one near each end of the barn, would continue their guard duty of the plains.
 The carpenter reported that even the cupolas are special, larger than most in the area.
 It turns out that although there was never indoor plumbing in the house, this family splurged on quality for the barn.  It has given us a legacy to follow. 
Read a little about the sacrifices of my great grandmother by clicking HERE.
For the next hundred years, I hope there will be someone in GriggsDakota, farming and willing to repair whatever is left of the old barn.


  1. Love to see people take care of their old barns. They are a part of our heritage, and it is a shame how many we are losing. Good for you! I know the financial commitment it takes to have a big barn shingled...

  2. Thanks Lona for your loyal following of Griggs Dakota. As you know, so much about farming is the emotional commitment. I know you understand.