Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflowers Blooming, Harvest Continues

There are sunflowers blooming along the roads here and there. No matter how hurried the day, I must photograph them to remember their sunshine on a cloudy day. 
Sunflowers are disciplined, it seems. Not only do they face the rising sun, they grow a deep tap root which will allow them to do well in our drier conditions. The dry conditions in GriggsDakota have been subject to passing showers. Sometimes the showers have been just a few drops, but we have had a couple of half inch showers this week.
The weather stopped the combines. 
We have not reached the heart of August, although the weather has been hot as dog days for weeks. 
We experienced the heat of August for most of July.  
 Things have moderated a bit, temporarily perhaps.
It is a relief to pass the empty wheat and barley fields.  
While the rain is welcome, we need another week of good combining weather to finish the Spring Wheat. 
It will take real sunshine and a breeze.  
We will be looking for 
Red Skies at Night, Farmer's Delight 
in GriggsDakota.


  1. So lovely. I remember fields of sunflowers blooming about this time of year along the highway in NC near where I grew up. Sigh. Pinning now...