Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Planting Cover Crop

The barley is long gone and the ground has had a pass with the Salford RTS. 
So what are we seeding in August? 
Cover crop, which this year has a great opportunity to provide benefit to the fields. 
 We are planting a combination of peas, turnips and tillage radishes. 
Click Here  to see that last year we were nearly a month later seeding this crop that is planted for the benefit of the soil. 
 The turnips and radishes compete well with weeds and their roots penetrate the ground to fight compaction. 
We still have the dog days of August ahead of us. 
The peas are likely to bloom before frost and will add nitrogen to the soil. 
 It seems ridiculous for us to be planting vegetables in August,
This year we may get turnips for the table in GriggsDakota.

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