Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Corn Fields Called Us

 As we were driving by, it seemed that we could hear the corn calling.
 We hadn't checked corn progress in a long time and it was beckoning.
Farmer Fred grabbed the nearest cob, one in the first row by the road. 
The roadside plants are often poor, so we were prepared to walk into the field if the cob told a sad story. 
The cob, a short season (79 day) variety was  filled to the tip.
If the heat continues this month as is predicted, this corn will dent in early September.
Moisture may be an issue, of course. It is hard to imagine that our little rain showers could bring in a corn crop. 
 Farmer Fred decides that if he is going to check the moisture, he could just as well pull a few weeds. There seems to be plenty of moisture just below the surface. And, of course, as always, more than enough weeds.
So he walks out into a field with a longer season (82 day) variety. 
 The cobs look long and full, just what we want.
 The corn is filling up to the tip.
It's not a crop yet, just a corn field with the heavy burden of great potential. 
But that is the best we can hope for on an August evening in GriggsDakota.

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