Friday, August 3, 2012

AdFarm Barley Sold to Busch

The 2012 AdFarm barley has left GriggsDakota. It has traveled to the Castle..
 The Field was seeded in midApril.
 A long cool Spring combined with a hot dry Summer meant the barley was mature and dry by mid July.
 It met all of the Requirements of the high quality barley that makes Anheuser Busch Beer.
This is what barley looks like. Remember:  Beer is made from top quality barley. The seeds must have the ability to sprout which is in the process of turning barley into Malt.
Raising barley for malt is risky because of the high grading standards. Barley is raised on the land where it is vulnerable to disease, insects, animals and birds, drought, heat, and humidity. 
Barley that does not measure up to the malting standards is still a salable product, but commands a much lower price as feed for livestock.
Congratulations, AdFarmers, I hope you feel as lucky as we do in GriggsDakota.

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