Friday, July 27, 2012

We Know the Worth of Water

 We are experiencing a dry Summer.
So we have shored up the waterhole. 
Rocks, never too far away in GriggsDakota, will be added to keep the spillway from washing away in the Spring melt. When the snow melts, the water hole overflows and a creek runs to the river. 
The water hole is the low point on a grassy land. 
The pastures must provide cattle with water. A grassy pasture with no water hole is not useable in a dry year. 
 Sloughs and normally wet streams are drying up. We know that this season may mark the beginning of several dry years. That is not a prediction, but weather tends to run in cycles. We are preparing for the possibility of a dry cycle.
When the spillway is finished, the improved dam will not let precious water drain through cracks that had developed over the years. 
 We are always looking for uses for rocks.
And we're hoping the dam will hold enough water to refresh the cattle in GriggsDakota.

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