Friday, July 13, 2012

Until I Saw the Sun Setting

 I was going to photograph machinery until I saw the sun setting.
The swathers are ready to get into the fields. 
But I kept dashing outside to see what had changed in the Western sky. 
We had a couple more shots of rain today, so everything had been put in the shop. 
It was hard to concentrate in the shop with this show in plain view outside the door.
 The old truck has had a tune up for harvest.
We have Help For Old Red standing by in another shed. 
Enough of that, I jumped into the pickup and drove West. 
 There was a cloud bank far to the west that softened the sun's brilliance as it lowered in the sky.
 I thought that the sun would disappear any moment as it seemed to be cutting away in the clouds.
 But when I came over the next hill, the sun was winking at me.
Good night from GriggsDakota.

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