Monday, July 9, 2012

Soybeans Begin Blossoming

 We have been checking the soybean fields for weeds.
 And, of course, whenever we look for weeds it seems that we find them.
There is foxtail here and there between the rows. 
 It seems to be in areas near the edges and not as thick throughout the field.
We have been getting little shots of rain. Each rain event has totaled under half an inch, but three events this week. The rain has splattered mud on the leaves. I noticed that the soybeans are beginning to blossom. 
I think the soybean flowers are special, subtle. You have to know that they are there. 
Because you cannot see them as you pass by. 
It is too early to judge how many blossoms will be on each plant, but it looks like there is potential for several.  
The soybean plants are about as tall as Farmer Fred's boots which are hidden under his jeans. 
Just like the blossoms are hidden under the leaves. 
The field is being raised for seed soybeans, so it must be free of weed seed at harvest. 
The soybeans are doing well in GriggsDakota.

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