Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinto Beans Cultivated and Ready to Grow

 Weeds are a farmer's nemesis. They rob the crop of needed moisture and nutrients. There is one sure way to kill a weed. That is by using cold hard steel. The pinto beans are getting a cultivator pass.
We use eight row cultivators in GriggsDakota. Notice the circular pieces that have been added to the back of the cultivator. They are rolling shields that protect the tender pinto beans and keep the dirt from piling on top of them as the cultivator digs the weeds. 
From the tractor cab, you can see what a difference cultivating makes. The cultivator digs a shallow ditch between the rows. This will make it more efficient for the Pickett One Step to cut the mature beans for harvest.
Dandelions have become a problem weed in GriggsDakota. They are hardy, prolific seed producers, and tolerant to many herbicides. The same is true with thistles and other larger weeds. 
The cultivator can take care of them. Notice how the shields roll, one on each side of the cultivator shank, keeping the plants from being knocked over by dirt.  
My close up is a little blurry through the tractor cab window. The plants are undisturbed by the cultivating. 
This is a tedious job. We must drive slowly and carefully up and down the field. 
So we try to keep three cultivators going as we cover the pinto bean ground. 
The pinto beans have not taken up much moisture yet, so there seems to be good moisture available under the dusty topsoil. We are cheering for a gentle soaking rain in GriggsDakota.

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