Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peace If You Find It

 It's hot in GriggsDakota and I heard some complaining about it.
So here is a reminder of where we may be in a few short months. 
 I am in no hurry to travel down that road.
 All of the cattle must be fed every day.
Instead of living in the pastures. 
The birds are so hungry that they play chicken with the cats. 
Even a warm Winter Day, and we had many warm days last Winter, often comes with its challenges. 
Winter brings beauty. 
Most of our color and light is electric in just a few short months. 
The July heat brings this. 
Today our path does not need clearing. 
 Every sunset brings GriggsDakota closer
to this. 
Enjoy today, heat if you have it, peace if you find it.

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