Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midsummer Road: Partridge Family & a Jackrabbit

We travel the roads without looking around, most of the time. 
Today we are on the road in GriggsDakota 
 We braked for a family of partridge.
Since there are no pear trees around, they settled for a barley field. I think it will provide well for the family. 
There was a jackrabbit running ahead of us down the road. He was not in too much of a hurry and decided to simply pull off the road and hide in the grass. 
He demonstrated nerves of steel as we stopped the pickup for a closer look. 
He was pretty well hidden and couldn't run down the ditch and into a field because of the slough. 
We had the advantage of seeing him hide which would be cheating in a game of hide and seek. 
Jack Rabbit was perfectly still, barely breathing, as I noticed the white spot on the top of his head. 
 He was shaking a little when he realized he must try to escape. He stopped and looked at us.
Then turned back in the direction from which he came. 
Then hopped back down the Midsummer Road in GriggsDakota.

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