Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knee High?

We received a half inch of rain on Wednesday morning, which got the holiday off to a festive start. We need every drop that falls from the sky. We have had timely rains, but we are dry. There are signs of drought in some fields.
 Corn is a risky crop in GriggsDakota. We are on the edge of corn growing climate. 
Earlier this Spring our crop was nipped by frost, and although it is coming back, it is not knee high by the Fourth of July in the low lying, frost affected spots. Luckily, the frosted area was not widespread.
We have had some damage from deer, of course. We know that corn fed venison is delicious, so we don't pay much attention to that. 
The burning question on the Fourth of July:
"Is the corn knee high?" 
Knee high by the Fourth of July is a benchmark for predicting the success of corn crop. 
 Farmer Fred has always enjoyed standing in a corn patch. His knees are further from the ground than they were back then.
Farmer Fred is 6'8" tall. Some of the corn is that tall on July 4, 2012. 
Even the corn planted on the CRP ground that was recently broken up is flourishing. 
The last corn planted is about three feet tall. The Winter Wheat is ripening in the background. 
And now, standing in a cornfield in GriggsDakota.

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