Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Early Harvest Inspected and Analyzed

Although there is still a full week left in July, we are well into small grain harvest.
 The Ag Analyst was glad to get out into the field and look things over.
The Farm Inspector rode in the tractor with Field Hand Joe who is running the grain cart. 
 Hunter is a big help in GriggsDakota. We find his long arms are useful when unplugging a combine. No one appreciates a bag lunch more than a teenage boy on a harvest crew.
 The raspberries are ripe and delicious.
 The farm cats are happy for the extra attention.
Things are fine in GriggsDakota. 
We will happily take a break from the harvest if the clouds bring rain.


  1. Things do look good your way! Nice smiling faces!

  2. So cute! Love seeing the generations coming together!

  3. LOVE this post :)!!

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