Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rocks Are Still Like Boogers

True wisdom is timeless and so it is with Joseph's most famous quote:
"Why are rocks like boogers? Because no matter how many you pick, there will always be more." 
 Truer words have rarely been spoken in GriggsDakota.
Every field has a rock pile somewhere nearby. 
 PowerOn Kirsti first documented the wisdom of Rock Picker Extraordinaire Joe in her 2009 post
Rocks Are Like Boogers which you can visit by clicking on the link.
This year we are putting special emphasis on getting the rocks off the fields. 
Mike, the man in the middle, has spent many hours since arriving here last month, picking rocks with the rock picker. 
This week Robbie and Joseph are helping him pick rocks by hand on the seeded pinto bean ground. 
While they are at it, they pick up sticks, deer sheds and any other debris they can find on the fields.
It is an endless job. One day they will stop, but never finish. 
Our picking standard is soft ball size rocks and larger. Too bad there isn't a need for stone hammer heads like the native tribes of the area made. We have tons of rocks that would be great for that purpose. 
Mike reminds us that in cities there is a market for rocks, but we are far from a city. 
We hope the time spent picking rocks this Spring will yield time saved in the Fall. Rocks are troublesome during harvest.
The guys on the farm are building muscle. 
In America's most beautiful weight room.

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  1. I've spent a fair portion of my life picking rocks. They are certainly booger-like.