Friday, June 8, 2012

Never Alone

The pinto beans had not popped through to the surface of the fields that I visited this week. 
The rabbits have one last place to hide in plain view. 
 The last of the fields will soon turn green.
The Winter Wheat is off to the races. 
 The weather has turned warm again.
 Above average temperatures are not ideal for wheat and barley.
 The warm weather rushes maturity.
There is definitely leaf disease present. 
 Warm sunshine discourages that problem.
On this day it is difficult to remember that just a week ago, the corn froze. 
Most of it is coming back.  
But there will be some permanent damage to the crop. 
Through it all, the sky has been a pleasure to behold. 
 This cloud looked like a hand double up into fist.
Powerful above the trees, The cloud reminded me that we are not alone in GriggsDakota.

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