Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lessons From an Old Cowboy

On a day like today, it is good to be a cowboy. 
 Even if you were raised in a city.
 When that is the case, it is useful to have an old cowboy hanging around.
 Farmer Fred wants the world to be full of cowboys and well broke horses.
So he is willing to give a lesson or two. 
Learning to ride a horse does not require a saddle or a hat. 
A rope is handy when riding a horse. 
 Boots are not as important as a gentle horse, like Pearl.
Training a colt to lead can be done from a horse. 
Attention to detail is important when training a pony. 
Sometimes the lessons do not need to be taught to the cowboy. 
The lesson goes to the horse. 
The horse needs to go where the rider directs. 
And at the speed the rider chooses. 
Cowgirls take a turn on a well broke horse. 
When an old cowboy decides to give lessons, 
There's a long line of students in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Awe... family, land, and a good horse. These memories live forever