Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family game of Double Board Monopoly

Evenings spent playing Double Board Monopoly are fun for everyone in GriggsDakota. It is a game we made up when there were too many of us to play with just one Monopoly set. 
There is usually an expert of two hanging around to advise those new to the game, so the experienced players don't have too much of an advantage. 
I don't know who won on this night, but I always bet on the girl.

Below is the post from last June, where I explained the game of Double Board Monopoly in more detail:
 On a rainy night when the gang is all here, you just might find a game of double board Monopoly being played in GriggsDakota. All the land is distributed from both game sets and all trading is done prior to the start of play. This speeds up the game. We don't want to be here all night and we no longer like to continue Monopoly games for days as we once did when the cousins visited.
We used two distinctly different Monopoly sets, so the land and property were kept separate for each board. We don't always play it that way, but experimenting is fun.
It took some explaining and consideration
But in the end, a good time was had by all and the girl won.

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