Friday, June 1, 2012

Cold in the Corn Field

 I thought the big news in the corn field was going to be showing you a weedy corn field.
 Then, contrast it with a clean corn field. The corn grows really fast when the weed pressure is eliminated.
 This is frozen corn in the corn field.
 We were a little surprised to find it.
The overnight low was just freezing and we thought we had gotten by without damage. 
It's not all damaged, but quite a bit of it was singed by the cold temperatures. 
Although little research has been done, it is believed that corn will come back from a light frost. 
Our experience makes us hopeful that this corn will grow and mature. It's growing point stays tucked in the stem of the plant as it establishes it's first leaves. Read more about frost in field crops by clicking on the link. 
It's a shock to be hit with frost after popping out into 80 degree Fahrenheit heat that the corn loves. 
 A set back for the crop, of course.
But we hope the corn dodged a knock out punch in GriggsDakota.

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