Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to the Barley Field

In GriggsDakota, and on farms across America it is the same. 
 There is no substitute for getting out in the field and taking a good look.
Today we are looking for signs of barley thrips. 
The barley is in the boot, which means that the heads are formed, but still tucked inside the stem. 
 Farmer Fred carefully peels back the layers of stem.
 To expose the delicate green head of barley. We have found no thrips in the barley so far this season.
If you would like to see photos of barley thrips in GriggsDakota Click Here
This season the leaves are wide and healthy. 
There is adequate moisture, so far. There are early signs of minor leaf disease. 
There are very few insects.  
All of this can change quickly, so whenever we can, we go out and take a look in the field. 
Where the barley is growing green, in GriggsDakota.

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