Tuesday, June 12, 2012

AdFarm Barley is Heading

Cool windy weather has taken over our June days.
The barley is waving as it pops out of the stems above the flag leaf.
The AdFarm barley is heading.
The heads rise, whiskers first.
It appears with beards attached to kernels.
The kernels are mostly just a shell at this point.
After the plant has used its energy to form the head and launch it into the sunshine, it will concentrate itself on making grain.
The stand of barley is thick and the moisture stays locked on the leaves, so the field has been treated with fungicide to prevent leaf disease.
The leaves are wide and healthy. That will provide the opportunity to soak up the sunshine and provide good nourishment to the head as it fills.
In average conditions, the process from heading to harvest is six weeks.
There are many variables as the crop continues to mature. Rain, temperature, wind, insects and disease add to the risk we take in farming. Anything can happen during that time, but the barley is looking pretty good today in GriggsDakota. 

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