Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Soybean Seeding Struggle

Farmer Fred and the gang have been trying to seed soybeans. We received a little bit of rain over the weekend and it is most welcome. 
We didn't get much snow over the winter. That has been followed by a dry Spring. The corn stalks left in the field have not rotted down, as they usually do. They are like little spears.
 Last week there were flat tires on the drill every day. It took some time to fully diagnose the problem. After repairing up to eight tires a day, we realized. The corn stalks are very dry and still very strong. Adam pulled a perfect little arrow head shaped corn stalk remnant out of a tire he was repairing. The corn stalk was as stiff as steel.
We had just enough rain to moisten the corn stalks and not a drop more. No flats today and the soybeans are nearly done. 
There is still water in the lake in GriggsDakota

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