Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Rocks Will Roll

It has to do with farming in a glacial terminal moraine. In GriggsDakota we have lots of rocks. The freezing and thawing of the ground each year brings an unending supply of rocks to the surface of the fields. We pick them and we nab them.  
Sometimes we call Paul, who arrives with his rock roller. 
These hills are rimmed with piles of rocks that have been picked off the fields for over a hundred years. Still, there are more rocks. The rock roller is pulled behind a tractor where it rolls along and presses the rocks back into the soil. There are minerals in the rocks that make our soil richer. Because of the freezing and thawing of our seasons, we are in no danger of running out of rocks.
Back and forth over the field until the rocks are down where they are not a threat to our equipment. 
When you use the proper implement, the rocks will roll in GriggsDakota.


  1. Well I here you we are constantly picking rocks it is a never ending job here in Ontario Canada too. I showed my husband the rock roller he called it a land packer same thing I guess. We would love one that big.Awesome pics B

  2. yeah. amen to that ... i grew up picking rocks with a tractor and aflatbed trailer. we made rock dams and filled in low spots.. we found homesteader treasures and indian arrowheads too.. so wow to see it all automated now. a million years of rocks and clay and generations of farmers living from the land. be blessed Griggs!