Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Optimist gets Just A Little Bit Stuck in the Mud

 There have been rain showers predicted.
But only a few drops of rain have fallen in GriggsDakota recently. 
 So, I was surprised to get called to bring a tow rope to the field. 
The the Case IH 8930 and corn planter were just a little bit stuck in the mud. 
The ground was muddy as the 9280 and Concord Drill came to the rescue
 The planter was between a slough and a low spot. 
It is important to seed wherever we can this year, because the fields are the driest they have been for a while. If we can get corn to grow in the wet spots, it will be good for the ground. Corn uses up excess moisture very well. 
The Case IH 8930 has a spot designed for towing. 
After looking around, I clearly understand why an optimist would get stuck here. Dry on top and nearly firm underneath is a recipe for getting just a little bit stuck.  
The 9280 has enough power to pull the rig out of the mess. Butler and I were happy to help by bringing the rope. 
 Every optimist has been stuck somewhere before.
The tow rope is hooked from the 8930 tractor to the back of the Concord Tank. 
Farmer Fred rolls the Concord rig slowly forward as the tow rope tightens. 
The 8930 tractor and planter begin to roll forward, pulled by the tow. 
Soon there is slack in the tow rope as the stuck 8930 tractor begins to pull its own load. 
Looking back at our tracks we have a clear perspective. 
Optimists sometimes get a little bit stuck, because we always believe we will get through.
One way or another, we always get through.
Optimism will probably find us stuck in the mud again one day. 
Until then, we are seeding corn in GriggsDakota.

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