Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspecting and Analyzing

 The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst have been busy this week.
Corn planting has continued and they have taken turns riding in the buddy seat with Farmer Fred as he fertilizes the corn ground. 
The Farm Inspector was glad to see that we could plant corn into this land which is often wet in the Spring. 
Cattleman Jim has taken time to pick rocks. 
Grandpa Sonny has been having harrowing days. That is, driving the tractor that pulls our rotary harrow. 
The Ag Analyst want to know why the trees die. It's part of living on the prairie. 
 But we never give up.
The faithful fertilizer truck moves from field to field as we prepare, then plant our corn crop. 
 The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst are satisfied with the job we are doing.
This will be the last corn field we will plant this year. Just a few more rocks to pick and the corn will be ready to grow in GriggsDakota.

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