Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hurried Blossoms

In GriggsDakota we call these the Wildcat Lilacs. 
Our  weather has been hot and dry this month.
The tulips have dried out in the 80-90 degree Fahrenheit heat.  Waving in the wind, the petals wither.
 On a hot dry afternoon, the ants retreat to the cool earth and the black flies eat the peony buds sweetness.
Dandelions are plentiful, as usual, and their seeds ride the wind far and wide. Here some have decorated the Columbine. 
The Chives that have grown in this spot since the year we moved here are blooming. 
The raspberries have required watering this May. 
In a carefully chosen spot, Hellebore flourishes in GriggsDakota. This year it is blooming despite the fact that this is clearly not a forest.
Purple and White, Fight! Fight!
And the Wildcat Iris is blooming early in GriggsDakota.

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