Friday, May 18, 2012

Critters keep us Company

I noticed the gopher holes as we pulled onto the field. 
It didn't take long for one to pop out of the nearest hole. 
 He wasn't very afraid.
Perhaps curious as to what the racket was about, he wore a handsome striped coat. 
He seemed to pose for me as I was taking his picture. 
This is a thirteen striped gopher or ground squirrel. 
 He was dining on barley straw, leftover from last season.
He also ate some grass, I think, but it was hard to tell. 
The grand finale was his snake walk, then I had to get back to work in GriggsDakota.


  1. I think that's a thirteen-lined ground squirrel, sometimes referred to as a striped gopher. Aren't they a pain in the neck??

  2. Very cute, but make a wreck out of a perfectly good field and the holes are not good for the cattle... but love the pics!